Boston Green Academy

Location: Panajachel, Guatemala
Date: April 8 – 14, 2017
Theme: Para el Pueblo (For the people)
Description: Students from Boston Green Academy will work with the organization Mayan Families to install and distribute clean-burning stoves while immersing themselves in the culture of indigenous Guatemala. They will also be promoting better health practices by installing clean water filtration systems.

Madison Park Technical Vocational School

Location: The Dominican Republic
Date: June 2017
Theme: Care, Culture and Community in The Dominican Republic
Description: Madison Park students will work directly with the local community while teaching preventive physical and oral health techniques, offering workshops in local hospitals, and doing environmental work throughout the community. Each activity is connected to the theme of “care”, providing services to the local community to improve health education. They will draw connections between Boston and The Dominican Republic throughout their service-learning experience.

John D. O’Bryant School

Location: Panajachel, Guatemala
Date: February 18-26, 2017
Theme: Breaking Down Inequality
Description: Students from O’Bryant will support the services provided by the organization Mayan Families by installing clean-burning stoves, water filters, and repairing houses. They will also teach at a local pre-school and serve elderly members of the community. They will closely examine barriers and inequalities to Mayan communities.

West Roxbury Academy

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: April 16 -22, 2016
Theme:Reconstructing Hopes, Restoring the Marginalized in NOLA!
Description: West Roxbury’s goal is to help the southern Gulf Coast community of Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans to reconstruct homes, provide services, and revive hope in a devastated area that hasn’t been restored since Hurricane Katrina. Students will work together to build community, understanding and hope.

Mary Lyon Pilot High School

West Roxbury Academy
Location: Pine Ridge Native American Reservation
Date:May 20 – 27, 2017
Theme: Relate and Advocate: Building relationships through service on the Oglala Lakota Native American Reservation.
Description: Students from Mary Lyon will engage in a variety of service projects with the Re-Member organization, including building homes, bunkbeds, outhouses and wheelchair ramps for the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Students will prepare for their trip by learning about current and historical racial and social issues facing Native Americans.

Dearborn STEM Academy

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date:April 18-25, 2016
Theme:Overcoming Adversity
Description: Dearborn STEM Academy students will work with Camp Restore and local residents of the 9th Ward in New Orleans to clean up public gardens and neglected land. Through teamwork and determination, they will face challenges while serving a community that is still suffering from devastation 11 years after Hurricane Katrina.