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Boston Green Academy is motivated to volunteer in Puerto Ricoin response to their disappointment in the government’s lack of support following Hurricane Maria. They are involved in the collection of donations with “Scholars for Puerto Rico” and will travel to San Juan in April to rebuild houses in hard hit areas outside the city.
Another Course to College
Another Course to College High School will travel to New Orleans in January to work to restore the public education system there. Twelve years after Hurricane Katrina, only charter and private schools are in the city. ACC will work to build houses that will be sold at drastically reduced prices to incentivize quality teachers to return to the city and teach in public schools.
Fenway High School
Fenway High School’s Team Houston consists of an all-female group of students to help recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey. Creating the theme, “Uplift and Unite”, these young women will focus on forming strong, empowering relationships. The girls will create a sense of shared accomplishment building houses with Habitat for Humanity.
Mary Lyon Pilot High School
Mary Lyon Pilot High School also plans to volunteer in Houston with the St. Bernard Project, developing the theme “Rebuild. Rethink. Renew.” They will help to rebuild houses damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Throughout the year they will examine our society’s role in the root environmental causes of devastating hurricanes and educate their school community at home about “green practices” for more sustainable living.
Joseph Lee K-8
Joseph Lee K-8’s theme, “Instilling awareness and empathy through global and local connections” will help middle school students get an early start in service work and gain perspective on their connection to global issues. To that end, Team Costa Rica will assist in painting and repairing a community center in the area of Arenal and cleaning up a section of Monteverde from damage caused by Hurricane Nate.
Boston Arts Academy

Boston Arts Academy’s Team Puerto Rico is committed to working both with hurricane relief efforts in San Juan and also with Puerto Rican evacuees as they transition to life in Boston.  Their theme, “Artists building community with social responsibility” will be realized as they work to repair severe damage to the music school, La Escuela Libre de Musica, in San Juan and also collaborate with the Berklee College of Music to collect donations, including musical instruments, for the students of the music school.