anthony and aya selfie at badlands

“I want to show my community that  together we can accomplish anything we set our minds to and create a difference that at the moment may seem insignificant, but in reality has a positive effect on people who live here and everywhere else”

Anthony’s trip to South Dakota had a profound impact on him and how he sees the world. Now that he has witnessed injustices and taken part solving them, he has a better understanding of how the world works and also how he can make it a little bit better. Additionally, from hearing about the struggles of the Oglala Lakota people, he came to see them as much more similar to himself and his peers from Boston than different. Armed with the fresh confidence and sense of purpose he gained from his experience in South Dakota, Anthony now hopes to make a difference back home in Boston for his community, and specifically his siblings.


“Seeing the difference that we helped make in the lives of the Oglala Lakota people sparked a feeling of excitement and happiness. It showed me that anyone can make change, whether it be on an international scale, or a local one.”

One of the most challenging parts of Anthony’s trip was adjusting to the Native American culture, which values good, quality work over speed. He had an impactful moment when he made a mistake rushing to get a job done and his supervisor suggested  he take his time more both in work and in life, enjoying things rather than just trying to finish them. This is just one of the many things he learned on the trip that will change the way he looks at things in everyday life now.