2016-quest-educators-conferenceThe start of the new school year also brings the exciting prospect of new service teams and trips with Quest Adventures. Teachers and students in schools all around Boston are eagerly researching and preparing for their potential trips. As busy as they are managing classrooms and curriculums, our Quest teachers are working diligently to choose teams and start raising funds for the potential to help their students get a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Getting the ball rolling, Quest Adventures hosted the annual Educators’ Conference at the BPS central office on Wednesday! Teachers from Mary Lyon High School, Dearborn STEM Academy, Boston Green Academy and more came together to learn about the process for applying for a $6,000 grant from Quest.

Both experienced and new teachers were excited to share their perspectives and ideas for the upcoming year, and are ready to submit awesome proposals which will be evaluated by the alumni board next month. Good luck to all our fabulous teacher applicants!






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