Theme: Youth Leadership through Environmental Protection

Partner Organizations: La Escuela Nacional Medio Ambiental(The National Environmental School) in Jarabacoa, Brigada Verde (The Green Brigade)



Team Dominican Republic worked on two major projects with the Environmental School in Jarabacoa, D.R. During the Reforestation Project, the team learned how to plant and maintain local forests. They became involved in the entire process, from learning how to find seeds in the forest, plant them back at the school, take care of the tree nursery and then plant mature seedlings back in the forest. They also learned how to make and use compost for vegetable gardens. They worked with students in the local school to clear land and build a vegetable garden on the hill so that the school would have fresh vegetables to preparefor school lunches.

The second project involved testing the water quality of the local river. The Environmental School used the same instruments that the Green Academy had used with the Charles River Watershed Association in Boston. They worked with the scientists to test the water, beginning with the crystal clear water at the top of the mountain and comparing it the more polluted river water as it passed through local communities to the valley. They also assisted in a program to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining clean water for a healthier local community.