Stage 1: Preparation

Fundraising: Quest assists each team in developing a comprehensive fundraising plan with specific monthly goals for individual and group responsibility.This process contributes to a sense of team ownership and helps them to become even more invested in the trip as a whole. Students raise their money mainly by writing persuasive fundraising letters, making presentations to teachers and local businesses, and organizing events such as trivia nights, student/teacher sports events, and bake sales. Quest awards our  $5,000 support grant for domestic teams and $6,000 for International teams once they have reached 50% of their goal.

Local Community Service: The Quest alumni board organizes at least two local community service days for each team.. Their participation helps students to understand the needs within their own neighborhoods and provides specific opportunities to give back. Teams volunteer at local food pantries, urban gardens, neighborhood cleanups and children and/or elderly community centers.

Academic Context: Each team explores the cultural, social, political,and economic issues of the country they are planning to visit.  Understanding the context of the issues affecting local residents on the trip is essential to student understanding of their contribution towards the solution to problems. During this pre-trip preparation, students read and discuss books, articles,and documentaries and interact with guest speakers.

“Having a greater awareness of the stories of Guatemala’s people helped give life to the project, and gave the students a sense of urgency to help out.” – Matthew Johnston, Boston Green Academy, Team Guatemala 2017