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Your Quest adventure begins with our Educators Outreach Conference for all interested teachers. Then you develop a clear idea of where you want to go, what your students are passionate about and how you can make a difference. Quest welcomes proposals for a national or international service trip with a specific theme and mission.

Your trip will be evaluated, based upon a rubric designed by Quest. This proposal serves as an application for a support grant from Quest for trip and service project expenses. Generally, six projects are approved by the Quest Alumni Board and Quest initiates a program of sustained support and guidance to each team. The amount awarded is $5,000 for national trips and $6,000 for international trips.

“Through our service and educational experiences during our week on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, we learned that all people truly are related and how important it is to always care for one another despite any differences.”

-Kirkland Ahrens, Mary Lyon Pilot High School, Team South Dakota 2017
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“I watched my students blossom and grow I was so impressed with the way they looked
Out for each other and resolved issues. I felt a different energy… a new confidence.”

-Jean Nozea, West Roxbury Academy, Team New Orleans 2017


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“I believe my relationships with my students grew fonder on this trip. We were there on a mission and as educators and advocates of the dental profession. I truly believe that every student left there with a more mature outlook on the profession.”

-Emily Medina, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School Dental Program, Team Domincan Republic, 2017


“I feel fortunate to have spent one-on-one time
with every student member, and had varying degrees of connection and understanding.”

-Matthew Johnson, Boston Green Academy, Team Guatemala 2017


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Our students were shocked at the remaining destruction in New Orleans- but ready to serve!
We all came back with a new appreciation for life.

-Josh Fidalgo, Dearborn STEM Academy, Team New Orleans 2017

nasha lee

Our lives have been forever changed for the good. And we will continue to intentionally spread good around the world because of this life changing opportunity!

-Nasha-Lee Bailey, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School Nursing Program, Team Domincan Republic, 2017


Ready. Set. Go.

Team Pine Ridge

Step 1

After your application’s acceptance, you and your team will fundraise for your trip. By raising the money themselves, students learn critical entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Community service at local organizations will help your team develop close relationships and give back to their own neighborhoods. In the spring Quest Adventures will work with you to reflect on the planning process with your students and host a theme-linked educational retreat. We are with you every step, to provide support and guidance.

Step 2

The hard work pays of when you share in life-changing service work alongside your students! As a part of Quest Adventures, teachers can be sure that the work they are doing is impactful and relevant. If organic farming in Peru, building houses in New Orleans, or reforestation in the Dominican Republic sound like interesting projects, then Quest might be for you! Check out our past trips to learn more about the type of trips our teachers plan. Or read our blog for stories direct from students, teachers and alumni!

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Step 3

Together with your students, you will bring service back to Boston. Teams create and implement a community service project often for their school of their neighborhood, that connects with the theme of their trip. These projects are often ongoing and continue year after year. There are many organizations throughout Boston that teams have worked alongside to execute their project such as the Charles River Watershed Association or Habitat for Humanity. Reflection and mentoring are critical elements of the Quest Adventures program. In the time after the service learning trip, students participate in reflection activities and discussions with our alumni mentors.


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Early Action Deadline:June 19, 2017
Regular Decision Deadline: October 6, 2017